We have one of the largest collection of screening compounds and building blocks. You can choose from 24 million compounds in . If you don't find your compound, we provide custom synthesis. Our service helps our customers to get their chemicals not always faster, but with much less effort. We do the communication for you with our worldwide suppliers, we make sure your orders are fulfilled in the promised time.
We also provide you with a search software . This application goes way beyond searching AKosSamples. It is the best tool for chemists and biologist to search the Internet for any kind of chemical and biological information. With our peptide editor Proteax we enable you for the first time to search and analyze structure-modified peptides with 3-letter-codes.
AKos GmbH is your vendor for chemoinformatics software from , , , . We also work together with Evolvus, a company that can build custom databases or can do marketing research for you.
 provides programming for chemonformatics projects. We use and sell GxP Manager to manage larger software Projects.
    Scientific research business is now global, with projects spanning multiple geographies and organizations. Binocular Vision helps you see and solve the business, communication and technical issues that arise in this new and complex Environment. (www.binocvision.com)


Biochemfusion provides efficient registration and analysis software for peptides and proteins through its Proteax toolkit. A broad range of Proteax integration options lets users work with peptide and protein structures in Excel, Oracle and PostgreSQL databases, KNIME workflows, and bespoke applications. (www.biochemfusion.com, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

    Thomas Dörner is an independent application specialist for chemical and biological data management, scientific information solutions, and workflow and decision support, with many years of relevant experience in these areas. (www.tdoerner.eu)

Informatics Unlimited Ltd provides services and novel informatics solutions for Life Science R&D organisations, particularly in the areas of cheminformatics, pre-clinical imaging, decision support and tracking systems, external collaborations as well as competitive intelligence. ()

    KNIME.com AG is the company behind KNIME, the leading open platform for data-driven innovation. Quick to deploy, easy to scale and intuitive to use, KNIME is used in over 60 countries on data of every kind: numbers, images, documents, molecules, signals, complex networks, and more. (www.knime.org)